The Little Blue Kite

About the Author: Mark Z. Danielewski

Mark Z Danielewski is an American author best known for his books House of Leaves, Only Revolutions, The Fifty Year Sword, The Little Blue Kite, and The Familiar series.Danielewski studied English Literature at Yale He then decided to move to Berkeley, California, where he took a summer program in Latin at the University of California, Berkeley He also spent time in Paris, preoccupied mostly

[Reading] ➷ The Little Blue Kite  By Mark Z. Danielewski –
  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • The Little Blue Kite
  • Mark Z. Danielewski
  • 12 February 2017
  • 9781524747695

The Little Blue Kite We All Have Fears, But If We Can T Face The Small Ones How Will We Face The Big Ones Kai Is Afraid To Fly A Little Blue Kite But Kai Is Also Very, Very Brave, And Overcoming This Small Fear Will Lead Him On A Great Adventure Remember All Great Adventures Start With One Little Moment You Know The One It S Like A Gentle Breeze Whispering In Your Ear What You Already Know By Heart Not Even The Sky Is The Limit

10 thoughts on “The Little Blue Kite

  1. karen says:

    i am a to come.

  2. Jesse says:

    Mark Z Danielewski who I ll call MZD as who wants to repeatedly spell out Danielewski is a wizard with formal invention and always a joy to read I have enjoyed all his work immensely with The Familiar being my favorite and maybe a defining text of our increasingly fractured connected world The Little Blue Kite TLBK however is a much approachable work than either The Familiar or House of Leaves Despite this approachability, TLBK contains seeds that in the fertile reader s mind, may just become large oaks of truth On first glance, it appears straight forward But this is MZD we are talking about, close attention always rewards Let s start with the epigraph The great sky is open Simple right Of course then we see that this is a line from the great Zen writer Mumon Which tells you something about what you are in for Something that can be read very simply or you can ponder for the rest of your life And I suppose I should say what the book is about Well a young boy Kai has a fantastically colored kite That kite gets destroyed Kai then receives a blue kite from a mysterious teacher Of course, Kai doesn t just fly that kite right away, time must past, courage get screwed up, mettle get tested And ultimately this is the bedrock of the story, how do we re engage after loss, how do we measure quiet personal panic, and importantly what larger social value can be found in showing this particular stripe of courage.Now structurally TLBK is most like a Picture Book, with airy watercolors working to not be subsumed by dark swirling clouds But it also boasts three different ways to be read as well as what may or may not be a time travel subplot hidden in sartorial trickery Each path through the book is tiered for a different reading level For me this is the best feature of the book it can be read by any age or preferably shared amongst different ages And throughout this experience, this engagement, we are allowed to explore what keeps us ground bound, stuck in the Murk of the ego, and fear and division And then, most powerfully, we can entertain the notion of finally being unstuck, flying free.

  3. Jessica Nelson says:

    Talk about a book that s got something for people of all ages A beautiful story, told in three ways That s not counting what the art has to tell you, either.

  4. Chris Via says:

    Danielewski never stops pushing the boundaries of what fiction can be that s for sure And when I saw he went from the dishearteningly canceled Familiar series to a children s book, my interest was as piqued as my confusion Here are some thoughts 1 It is a moralizing children s tale that can be read by people of all ages, like Le petit Prince .2 Like House of Leaves , you will be turning the book this way and that, amused at how the form matches the content.3 As this is the same production team that brought us the aesthetic bending treats of his former series, you will savor the alternating fonts and colors, looking for patterns.4 The concepts of the Murk, the sky of the mind, and gentle thoughts are a neat metaphor.In the end, though, I can only say that I am left indifferent Really, I mean, who doesn t want some thick book from this guy

  5. Daniel Williams says:

    An absolutely beautiful book that will be a fun read aloud to kids of all ages, and adults as well There s a lot to read in these 96 pages, and multiple ways to do so

  6. Rod Brown says:

    No one has ever impressed me by hiding the name of a major collaborator until the last page The name of artist Regina M Gonzalez is not noted anywhere on the cover, title page or verso page Danielewski is also credited for art, and I have to wonder if he drew the hideous figure art while Gonzalez drew everything else on the page that looked good.Also, this is classified as a graphic novel, but it is really just a picture book with ridiculous and annoying fonts.Regardless, it is pure drivel, painful to read once, much less three times as is recommended on the dust jacket Ugh.

  7. Robert James Cross says:

    Don t like children s literature but I enjoyed the light heartedness of the grand idea Well written.

  8. Michele says:

    This is a book I know I ll return to again and again like comfort food I felt the sense of wonder I experienced reading THE LITTLE PRINCE as a kid This book is able to accomplish the seemingly impossible it s for both kids and adults Sort of the way that TOY STORY and other films can be experienced on different levels, this book can be read in three different ways one for parents to read to really young kids, one for older kids and one for adults And depending on your life and perspective, you ll probably get different things out of it on such a deep level I felt it spoke so well to issues like anxiety, and relating to others, but there is so much in there And the graphics are beautiful combining painted art with photos I can t wait to see what I discover on my next read.

  9. Miles Woodfield says:

    I cant stop talking about this book Ive been teaching special education literature for almost a decade and it has fast become one of my favorites to read both to my biological kids and my students alike In TLBK, MZD has captured the essence of fear and the redemption that follows a long battle with it The main character, Kai, is an accurate and humanistic portrayal of mental illness and phobia, while simultaneously not becoming preachy or pedantic All in all, TLBK is a stellar book from an accomplished writer You ll love it too MW

  10. Dreebs Thornhill says:

    Danielewski shows his ability to write for all ages in this soul warming tale A story of fear, dread, and self transcended that even the little ones can appreciate I would have appreciated this story as a young child growing up with an anxiety disorder My adult self found joy in Kai s journey as well.