A Trace of Deceit (Victorian Mystery #2)

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Trace of Deceit (Victorian Mystery #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Karen Odden author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 416 pages
  • A Trace of Deceit (Victorian Mystery #2)
  • Karen Odden
  • 09 June 2017
  • 9780062796639

A Trace of Deceit (Victorian Mystery #2) A Paperback OriginalFrom The Author Of A Dangerous Duet Comes The Next Book In Her Victorian Mystery Series, This Time Following A Daring Female Painter And The Scotland Yard Detective Who Is Investigating Her Brother S Suspicious DeathA Young Painter Digs Beneath The Veneer Of Victorian London S Art World To Learn The Truth Behind Her Brother S Murder Edwin Is Dead That S What Inspector Matthew Hallam Of Scotland Yard Tells Annabel Rowe When She Discovers Him Searching Her Brother S Flat For Clues While The News Is Shocking, Annabel Can T Say It S Wholly Unexpected, Given Edwin S Past As A Dissolute Risk Taker And Art Forger, Although He Swore He D Reformed After Years Spent Blaming His Reckless Behavior For Their Parents Deaths, Annabel Is Now Faced With The Question Of Who Murdered Him Because Edwin S Death Was Both Violent And Deliberate A Valuable French Painting He D Been Restoring For An Auction House Is Missing From His Studio Find The Painting, Find The Murderer But The Owner Of The Artwork Claims It Was Destroyed In A Warehouse Fire Years AgoAs A Painter At The Prestigious Slade School Of Art And As Edwin S Closest Relative, Annabel Makes The Case That She Is Crucial To Matthew S Investigation But In Their Search For The Painting, Matthew And Annabel Trace A Path Of Deceit And Viciousness That Reaches Far Beyond The Elegant Rooms Of The Auction House, Into An Underworld Of Politics, Corruption, And Secrets Someone Will Kill To Keep

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  1. Norah Gibbons says:

    I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelweiss in exchange for a fair review A Trace of Deceit is the third book in Karen Odden s Victorian Mystery series It can be read as a stand alone Artist Edwin Rowe has been murdered and his death seems to be tied to a missing painting, one that was supposed to have been destroyed in a fire five years previously Annabel Rowe also an artist is determined to solve the mystery of her brothers death at a time when he finally seemed to be getting his life back on track after period of trouble and incarceration With the help of Inspector Matthew Hallam of Scotland Yard she finds that nothing is as it first seemed and finding the truth will change her perceptions of both past and present I enjoyed reading this book immensely and highly recommend it Publishing Date December 17, 2019 Edelweissplus ATraceOfDeceit VictorianMysteryNovel Bookstagram HistoricalFiction KarenOdden

  2. Anne Morgan says:

    Annabel Rowe has been slowly working to reconcile with her brother Edwin, but one day she arrives at his flat to discover two detectives there with the news that Edwin is dead Murdered, with a valuable painting he had been cleaning now missing Annabel needs to understand what happened to her brother to gain some closure on his death and life and she convinces Inspector Matthew Hallam that her knowledge of the art world and Edwin will prove valuable to discovering his murderer But what they discover is the darkness behind the art world, where secrets fester and can prove worth killing for.A Trace of Deceit is an engrossing Victorian mystery with a strong central figure in Annabel A student at the Slade Art School, she is trying to find her place in the masculine world of painting She sees herself as an observer instead of a participant in the world and holds herself apart from fellow students and her older brother, trying to prevent herself from being hurt But Annabel is only fooling herself she s a caring, compassionate woman who feels deeply Edwin s death hits her hard, but she finds strength in working with Matthew to discover the killer She doesn t shy away from hard truths, although she might not think of them as automatically as a cynical person would And there are plenty of hard truths about Edwin that she has to accept in order to understand his murder.Where Odden s A Dangerous Duet brought readers into intimate contact with the city of London, A Trace of Deceit focuses on its people Like Annabel herself, we focus on how they interact, what they show, and what they hide We see through the eyes of a painter the light and the dark that make up the world around Annabel and Matthew Odden uses this not only to give the reader brilliant descriptions of the lives around our heroes, but to plant red herrings and clues with equal strength, forcing the reader to continually adjust their view of what seems, at first, to be a simple murder Engrossing from start to finish, A Trace of Deceit will keep readers guessing from start to finish, in a book impossible to put down until the last stone is unturned and the last secret is revealed Full of heart and empathy, Odden explores how individuals deal with personal and family tragedies, betrayals, and secrets A must read for fans of Sherry Thomas, Anne Perry, and Victorian mystery lovers everywhere.

  3. Alix says:

    It s a cozy historical mystery This is the 2nd book in the Victorian Mystery series A Dangerous Duet is the first Think of it as Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes and a cozy crime story in one A Trace of Deceit is a suspenseful story with secrets and a setting that perfectly captures the underbelly of London s art world in a bygone era It s about a young painter who digs beneath the veneer of Victorian London s art world to learn the truth behind her brother s murderI enjoyed this Victorian era historical mystery It s well written with fun characters Anyone who enjoys historical mysteries will enjoy this book.Thank you to TLC Book Tours and William Morrow for my copy

  4. K says:

    I think all of our memories have a trace of deceit in them Trace of Deceit is the second book I ve read by Karen Odden, and I LOVED everything about it Annabel and Matthew are delightful characters, not perfect but human and realistic Ms Odden has clearly done her research because her descriptions of art, painting and the auction world are detailed and expansive She doesn t shy away from the ugliness of human nature, especially when Matthew s case takes the pair to visit the boarding school Annabel s brother attended More than a cozy mystery, everything about this story is enjoyable So well done P.S Many thanks to Edelweiss for the ARC.

  5. VL says:

    I just really love these books.

  6. Chazzi says:

    I received this book from Library Thing Early Reader.Every other Tuesday Annabel Rowe would meet with her brother, Edwin, for dinner He d let her know where to meet the Monday before This week she hadn t heard from him In light of this, she went to his flat to see if he was there Instead she was greeted by two men from Scotland Yard Edwin had been murdered in his flat.Edwin s murder wasn t the only thing that had occurred at his flat A valuable French painting had also been stolen A painting that Edwin was restoring prior to it going to auction Thief and murderer could be one and the same What turns up is a question of who legally owns the painting the lady who put it up for auction, the owner who claims it was destroyed in a warehouse fire earlier, or a third party There is also the mystery behind an accident that killed the spouse of one of these people in question Was it connected with this incident Annabel is determined to find Edwin s murderer She convinces Inspector Matthew Hallam of her value to him and his investigation She is a painter at the prestigious Slate School of Art Her knowledge of art and the art world would be advantageous to him.Their investigation leads them to the dark areas of the art world the politics and corruption found there and elsewhere as they search for clues It also leads them to the possibility of a little romance.The story is set in Victorian England, in London.I read A Dangerous Duet by this author and enjoyed it This book did not disappoint.

  7. Lia says:

    I have read this book than once, for the reason that every time I go through it, I pick up details and historical context Karen Odden s mystery is thoroughly researched and gripping her protagonist, Annabel Rowe, is intelligent and engaging not at all a delicate, wifty Victorian lady , and Inspector Hallam is multidimensional and comprehensively developed The mystery plot leads you from the highest reaches of the art world to the darkest back alleys of 1870s London, making Karen s expertise in the area gained through her degree in Victorian railway disasters and her experience at Christie s Auction House in New York abundantly clear I m an avid reader of this genre and can say confidently that this novel was one of the best I ve seen 10 10, would recommend to any fan of the era, the genre, art, history, romance, fresh and spunky characters that pass the Bechdel test, or enormous scandal.

  8. Sarah-Hope says:

    Karen Odden s A Trace of Deceit is a delightful read an historical mystery with lively characters and enough plot twists to keep readers guessing The narrative starts with the murder of an artist HIs sister and a Scotland Yard plainclothesman join forces to try to solve the case Along the way, one can learn a fair bit about late 19th Century England British responses to the conflict between Germany and France, the role obscure laws can still play in daily life, the change in tenor and policy that accompanied the transition to Disraeli s Prime Ministership This attention to detail makes A Trace of Deceit than just an engaging flight of fancy Yes, the writer entertains, but while entertaining us, she shows us that she has immersed herself in the period the novel is set in.Recommended for anyone who enjoys historical mysteries.

  9. Cindy says:

    I love a good historical mystery I get to learn about some aspect of history, in this case the Victorian art world, while enjoying a good whodunnit This book was no exception I was a little hesitant, since this was book 2 in a series, but as it happens the books are set in the same general time frame, but are not truly related The story centers around the murder of an artist during an art theft A valuable French painting goes missing while being restored Only after its disappearance do the police learn about a dispute over the ownership of the missing painting Meanwhile the artist s sister, who is an art student herself, joins the hunt for the killer Annabel and the police inspector dig through the past to track down the painting and the murderer.I feel like a lot of writers struggle to get it right when writing a historical mystery with a female main character They give her modern attitudes and allow her modern freedoms that are completely out of place While I understand wanting to showcase some parts of life that have been left out of existing mysteries, throwing a totally modern character into a 19th century story just doesn t work.In this case, I felt like Annabel s story was authentic enough The Slade did accept female students, and there were female artists I just question whether a single young woman would wander about so much on her own Would people really take her seriously enough to answer her questions Most of the time she accompanied the inspector, though, so that was mostly OK I did like the characters and the story moved at a good pace This one definitely kept my interest I liked it enough that I d be happy to go back and read the first book.This book was just released this week I read it in paperback and I have to thank the publisher for the chance to read this one.

  10. Marsha says:

    I enjoyed the book. It was very informative about the art field I had not read the previous book by this author but it did not make a difference The characters were very human in their flaws and emotions The narrative sort of reminded me of Sherlock Holmes in a way.