Common Cents

About the Author: Meleah Bowles

Meleah Bowles is Co Founder of Earn Spend Live Using her feminine wiles and maybe a touch of black magic, she tricked her partner into moving one block away from her mother with their two dogs and even a ferret for a little while She and Elise have known each other for years, but only recently discovered their undying love for each other She has a BA in technical writing from The University of

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  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Common Cents
  • Meleah Bowles
  • English
  • 08 June 2019
  • 9781631065774

Common Cents MAKE THE DAUNTING TASK OF MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES APPROACHABLE WITH COMMON CENTS Money Makes The World Go Round, But It Doesn T Have To Make Your Head Spin This Budgeting Workbook Is Packed With Easy To Use Worksheets, Money Saving Tips, Advice From Financial Experts, And Prompts To Help You Set And Achieve Realistic Financial Goals Customizable Monthly Budgets Let You Record And Manage Your Expenses By Category, As Well As See The Big Picture Impact Of Day To Day Decisions But Setting Up A Good Budget Isn T Just About Tracking Daily Spending It S About Long Term Financial Health So Common Cents Will Also Help You Start Saving, Building Up An Emergency Fund, Paying Off Your Debts, And Learning How To Invest In Your Future This Financial Workbook Includes Non Boring Breakdowns Of Financial Basics Budgeting, Purchase Planning, And Goal Setting Worksheets Step By Step Guides To Getting Out Of Debt And Building Your Savings Tips That Will Help Keep You Right On Track Common Cents Is Designed To Help Organize Your Financial Life You Ll Learn How To Make Money Work For You.

10 thoughts on “Common Cents

  1. Kirsty ❤️ says:

    I m coming into this one from a slightly different angle than the intended reader It s aimed at young women just starting out in life while I am older, already have debt and a debt repayment plan I have 14 months left and the goal to try and reduce that by 1 2 months so it s all paid off by Xmas 2019 rather than Feb 2020 That being said this book is full of good advice on working on a budget mine needed a rethink so useful to read , savings and debt repayments No matter what your age or sex actually there is plenty of information to help you have a healthier bank and savings balance I had previously picked up a few tips for next year from some websites aimed at UK readers which I am this book is American and it was nice to see those tips included here These tips are solid no matter what country you are in Lots and lots of worksheets included in the book to get you started and importantly thinking about your spending habits including the hard question...

  2. Karen says:

    It s the time of year that people are planning their New Year s resolutions If you don t already work off a budget each month, now is the perfect time to start It doesn t matter how much money you make, you need a budget Think you re too broke to budget Then you REALLY need a budget.There are already some great books on the market meant to help the reader get their financial sh t together How does this one differ It s targeting a young, mostly female audience Being outside of the targeted age range, I wasn t familiar with the authors prior to reading this book Most of the advice is sound, though suggesting people use credit cards to build credit can be a slippery slope and it felt a little too supportive of using credit rather than exercising patience and saving up Near the end, they say to try not to put on your credit card than you can pay off at the end of the month If you re following a budget, you will be able to pay it off But even better Pay cash Then you know it s paid for There s a lot of good advice here though everyone needs an emergency fund Everyone Question your spending before you buy do you really need it Is it made to last Because this is a workbook with lots of worksheets, this is a very quick read The reader wil...

  3. Meghan says:

    This book was received as an ARC from Quarto Publishing Group Rock Point in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.This book should be on everyone s shelves Whether you are in high school and got your first job, a newlywed looking to make some big investments or even parents grandparents that are looking to pay some bills and get out of debt, this book is for you I loved how they presented this book to make it colorful on a not so colorful topic such as budgeting and managing money I also love the fact that it is a workbook and they give you quite a few pages to apply what you learn and try their techniques for yourself so you can see what works and what doesn t work.We will cons...

  4. Ann T says:

    Thank You RockPoint Publishing and Netgalley for an ARC of this workbook.Although aimed at those in their 20 s this is a useful, quick book to read and easy to understand It is full of worksheets aimed at being used for a year of budgeting.The layout is nice, with watercolours making it appealing.

  5. Tesha Ham says:

    I am someone who sometimes struggles to make a budget or keep to it, but honestly this workbook is a life saver There are tons of helpful tips and the worksheets range from setting goals for financial futures to seeing where your money goes and how much you get in The explanations of how to budget, and how to stick to that budget, are thorough and easy to follow It is super helpful and some...

  6. Kirsten never has enough time says:

    Good workbook I have lots of work to do

  7. Jane says:

    Common Cents is a practical book geared towards helping young women enjoy financial security by showing them how to create a budget, build a savings and emergency fund and so on The book includes worksheets where you can r...

  8. Andreea says:

    I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.Usually I am not a big fan of workbooks and I do not understand why they are on NetGalley But all this changes when I read this one because it finds the perfect balance between a short and on point self help book and a workbook Another great workbook from these two authors This book is great and full of advice for beginners to budgeting, but even if you ...

  9. Leanetta Scott says:

    This is a nice budgeting workbook I know we all or most of us had saving money as a resolution this year Well this book right here will help you teach that goal There are a lot of tips for how to spend and save wisely There is so much to help you plan for that trip, ...

  10. Alexandra says:

    I really loved looking at this book digitally, really thinking of getting a hard copy A simple way to help with budgeting, may not be for some but could work for others Not moth year specific so you can start it whenever you want.