Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside #3)

About the Author: H.M. Shander

H.M Shander is a hopeless romantic and lover of chocolate, coconut and a damn good cup of coffee She is the author of The Courting of Charlotte Cooper duology, and the award nominated Aurora MacIntyre Trilogy Her latest series The Ladies of Westside features swoon worthy, gentle beta heroes, in sweet or steamy storylines that all end with a happily ever after.When not writing, she is a part

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  • Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside #3)
  • H.M. Shander
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  • 26 September 2018

Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside #3) A Wedding A One Night Stand A Future Forever Changed.Joy Is Happy To Do Her Own Thing And Live For Each Day Until The Day She Discovers She S Pregnant With That Double Pink Line On The Test, Her Focus Shifts Toward The Future And Finding The Guy From The Night She Vaguely Remembers.James Is The Jam To Her Peanut Butter He S Charming And Brilliant And Understands How To Treat A Lady A Steady Focus On The Road Ahead Of Him, He Knows Exactly What He Wants From Life However, His Living The Dream Does Not Include Children Ever.If She Tells Him The Truth, He Ll Leave So, She Needs To Make The Most Of Their Red Hot Romance Before Cutting Him Free, As A Pregnancy Can Only Stay A Secret For So Long How Ever Brief Their Time Together Will Be, It Doesn T Prevent Deeper Feelings From Growing Will Joy Call It A Heart Breaking Fling And Cut James Loose, Or Will She Find The Courage To Share The News With Him And Risk Ruining His Future Plans For A Chance At Love

10 thoughts on “Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside #3)

  1. Paula White says:

    I was gifted a copy for an honest review.3.5 I love a surprise secret baby story and I enjoyed this one Josephine never has one night stands but on this particular night she does and she has a surprise 8 weeks later I liked Josephine, the feelings she had when she found out came across as real She had a great best friend who supported her Now James, he didn t want children and wasn t particularly nice when he encountered them This is why when she found him, she kept it quiet until he inevitably found out He had a very bad reaction to the news and whilst I understood, I think he took it too far At 85% I thought Josephine would be better off without him and I never really warmed to him when h...

  2. Evie says:

    I was given an free copy to read in exchange for an honest review This is the story of Josephine, who doesn t do one night stands but still finds herself pregnant after one I really liked this story It felt real All the emotions Josephine goes trough after discovering she is pregnant, the reactions of her family and fri...

  3. Vinessa Wooten says:

    This is an accidental pregnancy romance When to people click like these two the relationship part is easy But with one set on living the family free life and just making a future that does include her bu...

  4. Jaime ~ Fiction Fangirls says:

    The hero was HIGHLY unlikeable and I felt absolutely no connection between him and the heroine.

  5. Jeriann Fisher says:

    Twenty four year old Josephine is a waitress, living in Edmonton Completely out of character for her, she has a one night stand with a man she knows only as James, a man she met at her cousin s wedding Embarrassed, she does not keep his phone number when they part the next morning 8 weeks later, she has a little consequence from that one night stand.I really felt for Josephine she was a young woman and she was in a desperate situation She tries to find James, and can t remember a lot of details about him Time passes and she does eventually connect up with him, but she doesn t tell him she is pregnant These two people are totally at odds and at different points in their lives and James tells her adamantly that he doesn t want to have kids or be a father.The supporting characters are good and support the main characters without being overpowering I would like to have a little bit of James point of view And when we do get his viewpoint, well he s a real jerk I was almost...

  6. Rebecca Lovell says:

    I was given this book by the author, whose books I have read before and really enjoyed When I saw the blurb I knew I had to read this one too Who doesn t love a good secret baby story I m a sucker for them.From the first pages, I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the story James and Joy are both super likeable, and her best friend Ana is hilarious She reminds me a lot of my own, actually HM has a great, conversational way of writing that makes it easy to lose yourself in the story, as if a friend is telling it to you, and it makes the pages fly by When I wasn t reading it, I found myself thinking about Josephine and James and hoping they d make it through.There was a large portion of the book where I wasn t sure Josephine would get her HEA, so at the end my eyes were filled with tears Whether they were happy or sad, I m not going to tell you you have to read it As with her Charlotte Cooper books, I highly recommend Serv...

  7. Shawna says:

    What a cute story Love how you made the librarian a hot male So Josephine has a one night stand with James and they part ways Fast forward a couple of months and Josephine finds out she s pregnant Fate intervenes and she runs into James super cute way of meeting up again, btw As she gets to know him, she learns he doesn t ever want children, so she withholds the news from hi...

  8. Abby Adams says:

    I received this book for review and I was so excited I usually like the pregnancy trope in romances but oh man, I could not connect with these characters to save my life I typically read a romance like this in 1 3 days depending on how much time I have and this one took me about a week Our love interest, despite slightly redeeming himself in the...

  9. giulia_arg says:

    It seems i m in the minority here, but i didn t enjoy it.Perhaps i m in a reading slump but i was looking forward to reading it and i m utterly disappointed.The main problem for me was the hero, i felt zero simpathy for him spoiler He didn t want to have children because his father left him when he was still a kid, so he never wanted to worry about hurting an hypotetical child.But he was going to do the same thing ...

  10. Gretchen Chasse says:

    An emotionally sweet story of falling for the one night stand that left you pregnant Seeing James again was never part of the plan for Joy that is until she finds herself pregnant With nothing but a first name tracking down James seems impossible but running into him by chance must be fate right Dating and falling for James is easy, telling him after finding out James does NOT want child that she is expecting not so easy A funny, emotional journey of expected love...